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This page is designed for new clients and potential clients to answer questions you may have about what you can expect when you come to The Body Works.
I find that services in my office fall into three basic areas:
  •   Structural - Pain Relief - We excel at identifying the underlying cause and related elements of pain. If you're tired of taking pain killers and want to fully address the problem, then this is the approach for you. Techniques used here include Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki.
  •   Nutritional - Are you tired of trying different supplements without getting results? Nutrition Reflex Testing will find the right supplements to support your optimal health and wellness.
  •   Emotional - In the case where problems re-occur without apparent cause, checking for emotional content is recommended. These issues, when they exist, can be dealt with quickly to eliminate problematic emotional charges. (see Neuro Emotional Technique)
Whatever approach is appropriate for you, you will most likely be exposed to Michael's skill with muscle testing. In this context, muscle testing is not being used for diagnosis so much as being used as a tool to help guide the practioner in his work. With experience dating back to 1981, He has achieved a master level at this art enabling him to quickly and accurately get the information he's looking for.

This site is still under construction. Hopefully it will be compleated soon. There will be interesting articles as well as a more comprehensive description of The Body Works.
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